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Capturing `stderr` during Fish's Command Substitution

I've been working on extending Spack's fish-shell support, and I came across an unusual problem in fish: when I use a nested version of command substitution (ie. the braces-operator (cmd)), the outer command Substitution refused to capture stderr. This can be demonstrated using the (rather dumb) following example:

function cause_error …

Getting Pelican to Play Nice With Keybase

I use Keybase prove my online identiy. Of course, when I moved my website over to pelican, I accidentally nuked my proof-of-ownership token. Keybase requires you to host you to host a file: .well-known/keybase.txt. This way the world knows that the person claiming to be me on, say …

MPCD in Action

The following is a demonstration of the MPCD algorithm. Based on a script by Christopher Prohm: In this simulation, a pressure difference along a 2D-channel drives a Poiseulle flow. This flow advects a circular colloid.